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A Step-By-Step Planning Tool To Help You 
Plan a  Meaningful Celebration of Life

Create Your Vision
· Plan Without Overwhelm  ·
Honor Your Loved One

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Are You Overwhelmed at the
Thought of Planning a Celebration of Life?
  • You want to make this a truly personal celebration 

  • You are intimidated by the technology and logistics

  • You have never planned an event before

  • People want to help but you don’t know what to ask for

  • You want to get this right but don’t know where to start

  • You’re grieving and this feels impossible
If so, this step-by-step planning tool will help you plan and implement a smooth, meaningful Celebration of Life for our loved one.
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How to Plan a Celebration of Life

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Complete our planning process one small task at a time

Feel peace & gratitude knowing you honored your loved one well


You may not be able to hire a personal event planner. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to do this alone.

We’ve been there. The overwhelming stress, profound sadness, sheer exhaustion.

On top of that, you may be worried about unnecessary financial expenditures and budget pressure as well as logistical and technical needs.

We provide clear guidance and inspiration to help you design a celebration that truly reflects the spirit of your loved one, while also offering comfort and connection to all who mourn.

Here’s are Some of the Topics Included With Our Online Planning Tool

  • Setting a budget

  • Selecting photos & video

  • Selecting vendors & venue

  • Creating memory activities

  • Communicating
    with guests

  • Adding personal touches

  • Displaying memento areas

  • Organizing
    tech & logistics